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On this page you can see videos and pictures of our work, together with testimonials from our current and earlier trainees. 

Bixter have the best students, as they have shown us and their employer again and again. 

After watching some of the videos below, you really get the feel of the Bixter-community. The students are very qualified in their fields, and they feel that they can develop their expertise through the Bixter traineeship programs. That’s evident in how they speak about their experiences in their traineeships. That is wherever it is on a farm, (dairy, poultry or pig), in hospitality (restaurants and hotels) or in horticultural work places.

Listen to them here promoting the traineeship programs and Bixter for future trainees to have the same experience, as they cherished. One thing is for sure: we really got each other’s back in this Bixter family.

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Since there are so many trainees that are developing themselves and their abilities, there are also so many experiences to share. Those are the kind of things you would like to hear.  On place you do not want to miss is of course our instagram. Check it out and give it a follow on:

If you are a current student, please do not hesitate to share your experiences and tell us the stories with both us and the Bixter-community. It is greatly appreciated and can benefit future students. So if you are a current student you should of course join the private Facebook group that you can apply for memberships on at:

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